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Sunday, July 17, 2011

FOX CT Softball Team With The Win!

Yesterday I took part in a charitable showdown on the baseball diamond against our friendly rivals WFSB. I don’t mean to brag but WE WON 18-3!! The game was played at Millwood Park in Wethersfield.

I met Bruce DePrest for the first time as he was pitching to me! It was hilarious waving to him from home plate! Nice to meet you, please don’t throw me a curve ball. I was so nervous. I haven’t hit a softball in 5+ years and EVERYONE was watching (FOX, WFSB, fans, and TV cameras). I also got to meet Mark Dixon and Scott Haney. Everyone was really nice! And Scott Haney was being Scott Haney announcing over the microphone halfway through the game “everyone notice my batting is as accurate as my forecasts, 100%”.

I had three hits and one run. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to score a point for my team. They started to get really competitive at the end! I played 2nd base and right field. But ONLY because we were required to have three women in each inning. I didn't get those positions because of my baseball skills!

OH…almost forgot one of the coolest parts of the day! Fans were asking us local “celebs” to sign their softballs. I felt so special. I also had the pleasure to talk with some viewers. One woman told me I seem very “hippy” on TV. At first I thought she was talking about peace love and happiness. But then she told me I seem much thinner in person. I guess the camera really does add 15 pounds.

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hahahahhahahaha hippy!!!!