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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I don't get recognized in public. When people see me on the street the usually ask what college I go to. But today while I was covering a West Hartford burglary, a man stepped on his breaks and asked,

"Wow. Are you...?"

There was another reporter behind me from WFSB. He was probably talking to her.

"Who Me? I'm Rachel Frank."

"Yeah. I watch you all the time! You're great", he said with enthusiasm.

I was genuinely excited. So I thanked him for watching. Then we just stood there staring at each other. The man said he was "starstruck". He used the word "starstruck" on me! I was speechless or I guess you could say, "fanstruck". Haha, I know I'm not a real celebrity but for that moment I felt like one.

So thanks West Hartford guy! You made my week. Wow that story blew.


Anonymous said...

You are a celebrity if you get noticed at all. I can walk around town and go to every mall, and I'm never recognized, by anyone!! haha :-)

Anonymous said...

You are a star but at least you are humble.

Anonymous said...

Who chooses your wardrobe? You look kinda frumpy most of the time. Too bad because you are a beautiful woman.