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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Video Update For Tuesday NIght/Wednesday Storm!

The video looks like a bad kung fu movie...but gets the job done.

We have another major storm on our hands that could rival the "christmas blizzard" in snowfall amounts.

A low pressure system that has been bringing a wintry mess for the south the past few days will lose steam as it moves up the East Coast. At the same time a pocket of energy moving from the Midwest will join it, creating conditions for what is called a "bombogenesis." Bombogenesis is a sudden and rapid drop in pressure that brings with it an explosion of intense precipitation and wind.

Timing: The Tuesday evening commute will be dry. Snow will start around midnight, coming down heavy through midday Wednesday with snowfall rates of 2”-3” per hour possible. The heavy snow will taper to snow showers in the mid to late afternoon. The morning commute will be dangerous. Snow will end Wednesday night.

Impacts: Schools will likely be closed Wednesday, flights will be canceled. So be prepared to rebook. Once again we are dealing with wind driven snow. So low visibility will be an issue Tuesday night into Wednesday with near white out conditions possible. Snow drifts will be a foot or more. At this time, power outages do not look like a huge issue although there may be a few. Wind gusts will approach 40 mph. Wind gusts will not be as high as they were during the “Christmas Blizzard”

Accumulations: 8"-16", with highest amounts in eastern CT. This snow will have a high snow-to-liquid ratio, meaning that it will be rather “fluffy” (not great “snowball” making snow).

Cleanup: Cleanup will be challenging, especially in western CT where some places picked up a foot of snow Friday night. Snow is already piled high on the side of the road.

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Steve said...

Very cool video update! Keep them coming.