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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Meet Andon Allan!

On 12/23 at 1:08 am after 30+ hours of labor I got to meet my son Andon Allan! My big boy weighed in at 8 lbs, 1 oz, 19". And I love him with every cell in my body. 

It wasn't long after we said "I do" that Aram and I decided to embark on the biggest life adventure of all. Being parents.

We giggled after reading the pregnancy test. It didn’t seem real, but 5 additional tests confirmed our lives would change forever.

Were we having a child or a fruit salad? Websites compared our growing baby to a poppy seed and a kumquat (what the heck is that??).  At 15 weeks, it was time to find out if our little apple was a he or a she.  With the rapid weight gain, everyone was convinced the baby’s room would get painted pink.  They were wrong (except Aram and his Grandmother).  I just needed to slow down with the pizza...Maybe next year.

Baby boy was a pleasure to carry all 39 weeks. He never made mommy sick. And despite his natural affinity for Kung foo, he didn’t damage any vital organs. Only one problem…with my constant stuffy nose Aram did have to cope with sleeping next to “Darth Vader”.

We're naming baby boy Andon Allan. The initials AA are a tradition in Aram’s family. Andon means “priceless” and Allan is the first name of my grandfather, Aram’s Dad and my Dad’s middle name

Welcome Andon. We feel overwhelmingly excited and lucky to be your parents and guide you through this wild world.

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Ariel Sizemore said...

Rachel, please check your "other" folder on FB. congrats!!