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Friday, December 12, 2014

37.5 Weeks Preggers

I have to admit, it's getting really hard to focus on work at this point!
  • The baby is in position...head down.
  • The baby's room is all set up.
  • I have read enough baby books to successfully overloaded my brain with contradictory parenting advice!

With Poppy Boo when he visited in September
We had a little scare last week.  During our last ultrasound the Doctor noticed some fluid around baby boy's kidney (which could mean some kind of a blockage or defect).  The fancy term they threw around was "renal pelvic dilation".  My Doctor told me not to worry.  She said his kidneys were working because there was plenty of fluid around the baby and in his bladder (which means they were producing urine).

But immediately after a I left the Doctor's office I found myself frantically searching the internet for the worst case scenario.  My son isn't born yet and I have already had sleepless nights worrying about him. To make a long story short, he's fine!  We saw a specialist who confirmed it was a really mild case and likely just a natural variation that would go away with time. HALLELUJAH! I have never seen my husband so worried and so relieved.  He's going to be a great Daddy.

My Grandfather (Poppy Boo) has flown in from Las Vegas for the second time in two decades. Upon landing he called my cell and said "OK, I give you permission to have the baby now!"

We're all ready for you Baby A. As ready as we'll ever be....

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