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Monday, November 17, 2014

Rain Ends & Winter Cold Takes Over

I feel like Mondays are perfect days for cloudy, dreary, rainy weather (it kind of goes with everyone’s mood).  The rain is moving out for Tuesday and getting replaced by some harsh cold.

Rain will taper off 7 pm – 10pm with some clearing late. Most roads should have a chance to dry before temps drop below freezing.  But any standing areas of water (poor drainage areas) could turn icy tonight inland as temps drop down around the freezing point.

There is a small chance a lake effect snow shower/flurries could hold together for Tuesday morning (best chance in the NW hills).  Otherwise, clouds will break for sunshine on Tuesday with falling temperatures.  The high will occur early in the day.  By late afternoon, temperatures will be back down around the freezing point. A westerly breeze will keep wind chills in the teens and twenties throughout  the day so bundle up!

The rest of the week remains cold but dry. Milder temps are possible by the end of the weekend.

Tonight: Rain tapering off 9-midnight. Becoming  breezy with some late clearing. A few slippery 
spots possible. Low: 30-37.

Tomorrow: Clouds break for sunshine, windy and cold. West wind at 15-30 mph. High: mid to upper 30s early, temps falling through the afternoon.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, breezy, cold. West wind 5 to 15 mph. High: lower 30s.

Thursday: Mostly sunny, not as cold as recent days. High: upper 30s to around 40 degrees.

Friday: Mostly sunny, cool. High: upper 30s.

Saturday: Partly cloudy, cool. High: around 40 degrees.

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