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Monday, July 7, 2014

Finally Feeling Like Summer

I was a the pool with my best friend Kim this weekend and she said...

High Temps Today
"Wow, July 5th and it's finally starting to feel like summer."

She made me realize...Summer kind of crept up on us this year!  Although we have had a stretch of stellar weekend weather, it has been cooler than average most of the time. I certainly wasn't complaining but it wasn't exactly typical summer beach weather.  But now it's finally here. So die hard summer fans, be careful what you wish for!

The heat and humidity are creeping up the next couple of days. Today will be partly cloudy, warm and muggy. High: 85-93. There is a chance for a strong afternoon thunderstorm.  While I can't rule one out anywhere in the tri-state area, they will mainly be focused north and west of New York City. Tomorrow will be similar...just a few degrees warmer with a slightly better chance for an afternoon storm.

Scattered storms are likely on Wednesday before less humid air streams in late week.
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