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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rent The Runway!

In the days before facebook…remember those? Life was so much simpler. I could get away with buying one nice dress a year.  And by nice, I mean $50 from the Macy's sales rack. No one from Jenny’s bat-mitzvah would know that I just wore the same dress to Gina’s wedding a week earlier. But those days are gone. Yes, I realize I’m a little crazy.  But once an outfit is posted to facebook….all my “friends” have seen it.  I can’t wear the same dress two weeks in a row!  And then I’m stuck buying expensive outfits I can’t afford and will never wear again.

In comes, Rent The Runway.

Instead of buying a new dress for my fiance’s brother’s wedding, I rented a designer dress! It’s fun and a whole lot cheaper than buying a new dress for every event on my calendar.

Here’s how it works…
You pick out a designer dress on their website (you can filter by event, dress style, designer, cost).  They send you the dress in two different sizes (just in case).  The dress comes by mail the day before your event.  Then the day after, you stick the dress back into a pre-paid envelope.  You don’t have to dry clean it, they do that for you.  You don’t have to worry if it rips (dresses are insured for just 5 bucks).

I had a blast!  They also give you the option to rent an extra style for $25.00. So I got a dress for the rehearsal dinner too!  The whole process with shipping, insurance and the extra dress cost me exactly $100.  I know that's not exactly cheap. But like I said before, it’s cheaper than buying two designer gowns!

Clearly....I only know how to pose with my hand on my hip.
In a Nicole Miller Dress that retails for $420 for Jared & Kristie's wedding.
In a Robert Rodriguez that retails for $600!
I'm hooked!  I'm renting an Herve Leger dress for my bachelorette party this weekend.  And I plan on renting jewelry for my wedding in September.  I wish I found this site before I purchased a million dollar wedding dress. In another life I could just rent this Reem Acra dress.

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