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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Grand Finale

This is the grand finale of a long duration storm!  Snow Wednesday night into Thursday morning dropped a coating to two inches of accumulation.  During the day Thursday, snow melted on contact with the ground.  But Thursday night as temperatures drop below freezing snow will accumulate on the roads once again. I do anticipate problems for the morning commute tomorrow.

A large storm rotating over 400 miles away from Connecticut is the culprit for this mess. The storm will be drawn slightly closer to New England while it interacts with another storm in the Great Lakes region. As the storm inches east, ample moisture will be drawn in off the ocean fueling the fire.

Snow will fill in on the radar Thursday night into early Friday morning, coming down heavy at times. Snow will continue through the morning commute.  Snow covered, slippery roads could prompt school delays and cancellations. Temperatures will rise above the freezing point during the afternoon with steady snow tapering to snow showers. Winds will continue to howl, gusting 30 to 40 mph. Clearing will take place at night

How much?
On Thursday morning, some towns received 2” of snow while others received little or nothing.  This difference in accumulation is caused by process called mesoscale banding.  Small bands of snow within the storm have the ability to sit over a given area dumping snow.  It’s almost impossible to predict where these bands will set up. That being said, I expect 2”-6” of snow to set up state wide. But areas that get caught up in mesocale banding could see locally higher amounts.  There are some indications that the northeast hills could be a target.  That snow accumulation is expected to be achieved by midday Friday.

Coastal Flooding:
The coastal flood threat is over for our area.  But ocean facing beaches in New England will continue to get battered with beach erosion and flooding.

Looking Forward:
Any new snow accumulation should melt quickly. Temps will climb into the 40s with wall to wall sunshine on Saturday.  By Sunday many towns will top out near 50 degrees! 

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