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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season Ends Today

Here is a graphic I made showing the number of named storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes this year. Let's not lie...there's only one hurricane that truly mattered to us this year. Hopefully another decade goes by before I say that again!
2011 Season Highlights

  • This level of activity matched NOAA’s predictions and continues the trend of active hurricane seasons that began in 1995.

  • The 19 tropical storms represent the third-highest total (tied with 1887, 1995, and 2010) since records began in 1851 and is well above the average of 11.

  • However, the number of hurricanes and major hurricanes is only slightly above the average of six and two.

  • Irene was the lone hurricane to hit the United States in 2011, and the first one to do so since Ike struck southeast Texas in 2008.

  • 2011 marks a record six straight years without a major hurricane hitting the United States. The last one to do so was Wilma in 2005.

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