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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

From Warm & Unsettled To Cooler and Dry

One thing I hate about working mornings: walking out the door only to face the coldest temperatures of the day. I have a hard enough time getting out the door as it is.

But this morning was a treat! Temperatures starting in the 50s in NOVEMBER? The average low temperature is in the 30s. Right now it’s 66 in Willimatic, at 11:00 AM! We’re getting spoiled!

So where IS the cold air? Very close. A stalled cold front wobbling around New England is the boundary between mild air to the south and cold air to the north. That front is also the trigger for scattered showers today and a period of rain tomorrow.

But our spring fling will come to an end as a second cold front ushers in drier, cooler air for the end of the week (Thursday and Friday). Although the weather after this front will be cooler, I don’t see any arctic air for the next two weeks! And after our October nor’easter, I’m ok with that!

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