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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Surprise! Tornado Last Week!

No one in Connecticut or Albany knew the National Weather Service was investigating the possibility of a tornado last week (June 9) in Woodbury. No one except the employee who made the trip to Litchfield County to survey the damage. When reports of a tornado started leaking out yesterday, various meteorologists called Albany to verify the claims. The Albany NWS covers that portion of Connecticut and told some of my colleagues that the reports were a hoax.

Then today at 11 AM a report was issued confirming an EF1 tornado in Woodbury at 4:48 PM on 6-9. My guess is that the person who surveyed the damage never told his superiors about the findings. Very odd. But that's just a guess. In any event, this is not a rare event in such a strong squall line. You may remember there were over 100,000 power outages statewide when the line of storms came through. Here is the FULL REPORT about the tornado. It should be noted that most of the damage in the area was due to microburst and not a tornado.

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