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Monday, June 27, 2011

Honey, I Shrunk The Cupcakes

I'm the type of person who will order four appetizers instead of one main course because I love tasting different things. I don't order four desserts...only because I'm sick of hearing my friends oink every time we go to dinner.

Then I discovered Baked By Melissa. Bite sized, stuffed cupcakes (about the size of a quarter). They cost one dollar each and I like to think I'm saving calories by eating three mini cupcakes instead of one normal cupcake. Shhhh...let me live in my fantasy world.

My sister got me a pack of these for my birthday. Some didn't make the drive from NJ intact as you can see in the picture. I normally have a problem with mini cupcakes. They're so small that the oven dries them out. But these cupcakes were perfect! Moist, just enough icing, and melt in your mouth fillings. THANK GOODNESS they don't have one near me!

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