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Friday, December 17, 2010

Sunday Storm Thoughts

Still uncertainty in Sunday's forecast. I'm at the stage of ripping out my hair.

Every run of the computer model produces very large fluctuations in snowfall. The majority of the models this morning are keeping the storm out to sea on Sunday. But there are still some outliers that show near blizzard conditions. Probabilistic models have a 50% chance of 4" of snow on sunday. 50%?!!!! Really? We have the same odds forecasting if you flipped a coin!! (Insert meteorologist joke here.)

If I had to bet today...I would say it looks like the storm is not likely to be a direct hit. BUT that could certainly change with the afternoon model runs. I'm very excited to see if there are any trends. I'm working tonight so I get to obsess over the forecast.

Personally, here's the worst part. I am off this weekend. So there better not be a big storm without me at work!!!

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