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Monday, December 27, 2010

I Can Explain!

I'm recapping the weather forecast at the end of the FOX Midday News. My graphics are full screen.

Tim Paul, our floor director motions for me to lean into anchor Anthony DiLorenzo. Something is wrong with his microphone so mine will have to cover both of us.

Then we come back out to the couch shot...AWKWARD!!

And Anthony has no idea why I'm offering my chest to him.

I got an puzzled look and an awkward giggle. Last time I let him borrow my microphone! ;) Just another live TV moment!


Iceland4 said...

Home on a furlough with two kids wanting to play with everything new and trying to clean up after them... Running fevers and wanting to go outside to play... I wish I saw the spot, I could have used a laugh! Go home now, Rachel. They have you working too hard!

Anonymous said...

For cap 1, Anthony is thinking: "Whoa. I think she IS into me. OK, play it cool Anthony, play.. it.. cool. Don't mess this up. I can't believe this is happenning!" haha