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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Blizzard

Although snowfall totals were not epic, this storm will really be remembered for the high winds!
  • Greenwich: 60 mph
  • Danbury: 60 mph
  • Bridgeport: 60 mph
  • New Haven: 60 mph
  • New London: 68 mph
Dry air wrapped around the storm last night, choking snowfall rates in eastern and central Connecticut (6"-10"). Meanwhile the western part of the state got into some of the heavier snow bands (10"-18"). See the graphic below. The purple shaded area in NY is the 15"-30" band, where the heaviest snow fell. This is of course an average snowfall amount for various parts of the state.

  • Wilton: 18"
  • Greenwich: 17"
  • Norwalk:16"
  • Southbury: 11"
  • Granby: 8.o"
  • East Hartford: 14"
  • Burlington: 11"
  • Glastonbury: 10.2"
  • Hartford: 6.5"-14"
Here are links to more snowfall totals and peak wind gusts. Make sure to check out the 20"-30" snowfall reports in NY/NJ. My Mom and sister were right inside the bullseye!

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