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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Big news…I’ll be hosting the new 4 PM show this Friday and all of next week. A lot of the show is based on viewer comments/feedback! So if I post an interesting news story on facebook this Friday or next week, I’m going to need your responses to share live on the show!

What is the 4 PM show? Our newest hour-long weekly newscast started this Monday. It’s a very different show. You will NEVER find two stuffy anchors sitting at a desk going through the stories. Everyone gets involved in the newsroom. If there’s a breaking news story, Rachel Lutzker will approach the assignment desk and get the scoop live, for the first time along with the rest of the state. Courant reporters and other newsroom staffers who are not “trained in TV” will appear on a regular basis. And viewer feedback and comments are a regular part of the show.

Rachel handles the fun stuff, Brent Hardin covers hard news and Garett Argianas is on weather duty! You should watch the show and make suggestions. We are willing to hear them!

Again---I’ll be anchoring this Friday and all of next week. You can also find the show streaming live on

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Alexis said...

Hi Rachel, Love your blog in the AM. My fiance and I do a blog called Dreaming Dinner. He photographs mainly and I write mainly. Sometimes we switch roles. Keep it up. Alexis