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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Something Out Of A Movie

That's the best way to describe Anne & Matt's wedding in the south of France.
There are moments in life where you wish you had a remote, where you wish you could just press pause. As we pulled up to the reception, I wanted to do just that. I knew that if I blinked, it would be Sunday. And blink again, I'd be back at my desk in Connecticut, working the day away. But for now, on that carefree summer day in Provence, I was hoping the wind would let up and that for once, time would stand still.

My friend Lauren and I outside the church in Mimet. I got a hat from Target to try and fit in. But it didn't work....See Exhibit A below.
No one in France wears the standard little black dress. If someone in Connecticut wore a few of the outfits I saw, she would be stared at. But in France, it's go big or go home. Maybe that's why I'm back in Connecticut.

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