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Monday, March 22, 2010

Rebecca Stewart is Leaving FOX CT

I’m very sad to tell you that Rebecca Stewart, weekend anchor extraordinaire, will be leaving FOX CT for a new job. Rebecca has taken a job with Hartford Hospital as Director of Media Relations. Her last day is March 29th which means she’s only with us for one more round of weekend shows.

:( <---My sad face.

Rebecca has been thinking about a career change for a while. A career in television can be very hectic and sometimes unstable. Rebecca previously anchored the FOX61 Morning News, before being switched to weekends. The sudden change required a shift in her lifestyle and Rebecca was asked to leave a show that she helped shape from the beginning.

But no matter what show, Rebecca always puts on an amazing newscast. She has always blown me away in her ability to adlib. Sometimes a sentence in the teleprompter isn’t written correctly, but Rebecca has the ability to think on her feet better than any anchor I have ever worked with. She is even better in breaking news situations when new information is literally being fed to her through an earpiece seconds before she feeds that info back to viewers.

Rebecca’s new position will include “helping with development of the hospital's ‘news service,’ providing medical news feeds for the media. Her other duties will include fielding day-to-day media requests and arranging medical resources for live stories.” I took this description from the Courant’s article about her departure.

I will miss Rebecca, but I know how THRILLED she is to start this new career. She’s also excited about having weekends back to spend with her family. Rebecca is married to WTNH reporter Jaime Muro and they have an adorable little boy. So for now I will try to put aside my selfishness (hehe) and wish her CONGRATS! I’m so happy for you Rebecca!

No word yet on who will be taking the next weekend anchor position.


Anonymous said...

who gives a fcuk...........

Anonymous said...

The previous comments reflects his we can say the same thing to that he or a she anonymous person.

Coming back to Rebecca, she has always been the weekend grace to the FOX news CT.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca Stewart is so much better than Sarah French....French is dry and Rebecca was always so full of enthusiasm....Much better with Logan Byrnes....French and Byrnes just are't a great duo......bring back Stewart. !!!!!!!!!!!

Diane L. said...

I watched Fox morning news faithfully when Rebecca was there. I never understood the decision to replace her and switched stations to WVIT after she was gone - the chemistry of the team had just changed for the worse. I would try to watch every now and then but it just didn't work for me. Wonder how many other people were equally turned off. It has been so long since I watched Fox morning that I'm only today looking to see what happened to Sarah French (don't care but curious) and Rebecca. Fox lost a great one with Rebecca, totally their loss.

Anonymous said...

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