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Monday, January 25, 2010

Warm, Wet and Windy Monday

A warm soaking rain doesn't seem quite as offensive to me as a cold rainy day. Blowtorch southerly winds are sending temperatures soaring through the 50s! But the wind is also causing power outtages! Right now, as of me writing this there are 3,250 outtages. Middlefield boasts the most homes without power.

Why is it so windy? The wind is caused by large differences in pressure. This graphic shows a computer model. Each line on the image is a line of "equal pressure". Whenenever its very windy, those lines get very close together just like they are today! In meteorology we call that a "tight pressure gradient".

A High Wind Warning is in effect for most of the state with wind gusts up to 65 mph!

A Flash Flood Watch is in effect statewide today through this evening. 1"-2.5" inches of rain can fall today. Remember, the ground is frozen so the soil will not be able to absorb all the rainfall. Small streams and creeks could rise out of their banks. There can also be some minor flooding of small streams, creeks, low-lying areas and poor drainage areas.

Rain will come down heavy at times this afternoon before tapering off around the evening commute.

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