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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2009: Year In Review

In 2009, Obama takes office, Michael Jackson dies, Captain Sully lands in the Hudson River, and Connecticut gets 2.13" of precipitaion above average. Here are the official National Weather Service stats from good old '09.

Below Average Temperatures:
Average Temperature: 49.8. The coolest since 2004 (also 49.8)
Departure from average: -0.4
1971-2000 30 year normal temperature is 50.2

Above Normal Precipitation:
2009 precipitation total 48.29"...wettest since 2008(65.35")
Departure from average: +2.13"
1971-2000 30 year normal: 46.16"
2009 days measurable precipitation 0.01" or more...135 days
Departure +6 days
1971-2000 30 year normal 129 days

Below Normal Snowfall:
2009 snowfall total 37.6"
Departure from normal: -8.4"
1971-2000 30 year normal: 46.0"

Temperature Extremes:
Max High temperature: 94 degrees April 28th and August 17th
Warmest Low Temperature: 72 degrees August 19th and August 21st
Coldest Low temperature: -3 degrees January 16th and 17th

Precipitation Extremes:
Max Daily Precipitation: 2.36” July 31st
Max Daily Snowfall: 7.9” March 2nd

Wind Extremes:
Highest sustained wind: 2 min from NW at 37 mph Nov. 28th & Dec. 29th
Peak gust: From NW 46 mph Jan. 14th, Oct. 7th, Nov. 28th, Dec. 29th

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