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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Urban Oaks Farm

Please read about my experience at the farm below!

I went to Urban Oaks Farm today with lush gardens filled with exotic food in...New Britain!?! (Insert screeching record sound here) I know, it's surprising. Nothing against New Britainites but it's an urban area! And yes, this farm is in the middle of the city making it the largest urban organic farm in New England.

I came across the story idea after reading an article about exotic foods in the New York Times. (Let's pretend I read the newspaper everyday, it makes me sound smarter.) I pulled up to the farm skeptical because it looked so small from the outside. I couldn't imagine this was the expansive greenhouse that I had read about in the N.Y.T. But sure enough, I stepped inside and it was like living out Alice In Wonderland because 1) it looked astronomically bigger while inside 2) it was what I imagine a foodie's acid trip might be like.

I tried the most amazing fruit today! It's called a strawberry husk tomato. It looks like a teeny green tomato (about the size of a chick pea) wrapped in a blanket. The blanket is a husk which you peel away. Then you pop it into your mouth like candy. I HATE TOMATOES. So I was hesitant when farm General Manager Mike Kandefer asked me to try one. How bad could it be? I sucked it up and chewed it slowly, taking in the flavor. My first reaction was...eww it has the texture of a tomato. But I kept chewing to be polite. Then the flavor hit me! It tasted like a cross between a strawberry and a pineapple. YUMMY! I ended up taking a little box back to the station and fed everyone this new fruit I felt I had discovered.

I had a similar experience with my first fresh fig. The key word is "FRESH"! I don't care for dried figs. They look like big raisins and they make know! But when Mike picked one straight from the only fig tree in Connecticut, I felt obligated to take a bite. I was shocked by how delicious it was! The center was pink and it sort of looked like a brain (not the best way to describe something I'm trying to get you to eat, I realize this). On a less scary was sweet, succulent and unique.

Sorry for the long blog post but I felt inspired.

P.S. Please don't compare my YouTube video with ijustine. If my videos are like her videos I'm never making a video again. Unless you can find a really funny one. In which case, please send it to me. :)

P.P.S. Best weather EVER today! 70s, sunny and low humidity. Perfection.


andizee said...

loved that farm story...u always have a different look--love that 2!!!

Anonymous said...

how cool to have a farm like that in New Britain

Anonymous said...

By the way, there are loads of fig growers in CT. I guess one shouldn't let facts get in the way of a story.

Rachel said...

Anonymous: Please tell me which other farms grow figs so I can post that as well. I am not familiar with every farm in the state. Thank you!

mark marino said...

a friend of mine told me to check out your beautiful organic farming site - it looks awesome - hope you have a great 2010 - mark m.