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Monday, May 9, 2011

Freak Snowstorm 34 Years Ago & 2011 Snow Summary

On this day back in 1977, it snowed up to 9” in parts of the state (and today’s highs were near 70 degrees)! Today is also the latest day to feature measurable snow on record in Windsor Locks!

One of the great things about working in what we call “Connecticut’s Newsroom” is that I share an office with the Courant. I asked around and Tina Bachetti, a Senior Information Specialist who works with archived news, found the paper from that day!

Since the files are in pdf format and they're hard to attach I made Cliffsnotes for you! But if you're interested in seeing the whole article, e-mail me at

  • $1.5 million damages to the states tobacco industry

  • 9 inches of snow fell in the hills of Winchester, Norfolk and North Canaan

  • 1.3” Snow at Bradley Intl. Airport

  • 25,000 customers lost power

  • Snowplows weren’t even used because the snow melted so fast! It was spring after all!

This was the latest measurable snow EVER in Windsor Locks! Which means…YES! It’s fairly safe to say we are done seeing measurable snow this year!

Final total: 86.4” in Windsor Locks which is the 2nd snowiest year on record (and we basically achieved all that in a month). The number one spot is 1995-96 with 115.2”.

Bridgeport received 62.6" of snow this season.

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