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Sunday, May 15, 2011

FOX CT Wins Eight Emmy Awards! SO PROUD!

On Saturday I went to my first Boston / New England Emmy Award Ceremony! I was nominated for my first Emmy award and I won! I'm elated, shocked, honored...I'm going to write a detailed account of the night(that I'm sure will be boring to everyone except myself). But I need a second to breathe before I can sit still long enough to write something. But here's a quick post about who won awards at FOX! I'm so proud to work with such talented people!

On Camera Talent Anchor- Weather: Meteorologist Rachel Frank

Writer- News: Jim Altman

Feature News Report Light Series: Sarah French, for 'Make A Wish Mondays'

Editor- News, Within 24 Hours: Mike Piskorski

Spot News: Jim Altman and Sharon Burke, for 'Bridgeport Tornado: Surviving The Storm'

On Camera Talent Commentator / Editorialist: Jim Shea and editor Matt Nodland, for 'Too Shea'

Feature News Report Light Feature: Jim Altman and Mike Piskorski, for 'Band Of Brothers'

On Camera Talent Reporter- Feature / Human Interest: Jim Altman

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Scott in Franklin said...

Congratulations on your award. It is much deserved and will probably be the first of many you will receive.. I just wish you didn't get bumped from the 11pm news because that is when I usually watch your forecast!! I am sure you have already been told this but you looked absolutely stunning in that dress. Anyway, congrats again and please bring back the sunshine:)