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Monday, March 14, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Parades: Beads Are GOLD

I love meeting people in Connecticut. I want people to know how much I think about them when I agonize over a temperature or snowfall forecast. I want people to know that I’m not a stuffy, egocentric weather anchor who likes to hear her own voice. And I want people to know that almost everyone on our news team is just like me in those regards.

But I’m not sure throwing beads into a crowd of people while waving my hand like Miss America is quite the way to accomplish those goals. Once the crowd sees the beads, no one sees the person who is holding them. In fact, I don’t think anyone even noticed that we were chucking Mardi Gras beads. Sure, one out of four were green, but we also found a few beads with illegal substances painted on them. But it’s ok, because I’m sure we got a great price on them.

Every member of the team scrambled to grab beads from our Sam’s Club sized bags and untangled the big clumps while walking by outreached hands. I barely had time to make eye contact or shake a hand. Once the beads ran out, I felt awkward. In my head, people were thinking “you guys think you’re good enough to JUST give out smiles and waves?” We all felt horrible, searching the cars for rouge beads under the gas pedal or a floor mat. One guy in the "happy" section of the parade by all the Irish bars threatened "no beads? I'm watching NBC30!"

Don’t get me wrong, I met a few amazing people that I am friends with on facebook: Mark Hornyak, Tom Emanuele, Dave Traskos and Kelly LaMesa.. You guys made the parade worthwhile! I already feel like I knew Dave and Kelly so well (just from talking about the weather and life on facebook) that I had to give them both hugs. I hope to meet more people in events like this in the future. I’ll keep you posted on the next big event. I’ll be sure to bring enough beads this time.

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Mike B said...

What's funny is I read the headline quick and saw beads are cold, so I had to see why the beads were cold on a nice day! Thanks for the laugh and sorry I didn't go to the parade! Funny thing is, what are people going to do with those beads anyway?