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Friday, September 3, 2010

Earl's On Track, Weakening

Hurricane Earl has been downgraded to a Category 1 storm, as expected. He has already turned to the NE, sparing much of Massachusetts from hurricane force winds.

Earl is on track to pass 200 miles east of Connecticut Friday night with moderate rain and winds picking up this evening, especially for southeastern CT (Groton, New London, Stonington). Winds could gust to 40 mph. Inland, conditions will improve rapidly. Most parts of CT will see very little or no rain from Earl, especially in the NW. I actually think tomorrow will feature more wind than tonight!

The Latest Stats on Earl

  • Wind Speed: 85 mph
  • Direction: NNE 21 mph
  • Location: 350 Mi SSW of Nantucket, MA

Earl is forecast to weaken but still remains a large hurricane. An increase in speed and a turn to the NE is expected in the next 12-24 hours.

Hurricane force winds extend 70 miles from the storm's eye. Tropical storm force winds extend 205 miles from the eye.

Tropical Storm Force Wind Speed Probabilities:

Southeastern CT has a greater chance of tropical storm force winds with the orange shading(50-60%). The rest of the state has a lower chance (30-50%). With little or no chance of gusty winds in the NW under the green shading (10-30%)

Earl's Wind History:

For most of the state, this will not be a storm for the history books. You'll remember the names Bob and Gloria, but forget Earl.

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