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Monday, May 11, 2009

"Vote For The Worst" Thinks I'm the Best

There is an American Idol website, that loves the segment we did with Normund Gentle. The number of hits to my website are off the charts! Also look at the site for all the nice comments about the piece.

One person wrote: "where do we have to move in order to get this news channel?"

Hey if you live in Connecticut, consider yourself lucky, there are people dying to watch FOX61! Haha...

Nick Mitchell & our own FOX61 Idol Garett Argianas


andizee said...

congrats on all the hits...i think u were evn better than Norman...u should do more w/ him...u r like regis and kelly but in reverse!!!

Anonymous said...

VFTW does a radio show at 10pm EST after the results show (tonight). You should call in and talk with us...I mean them. :) 201-793-8255

Any friend of Norman's is...well, you get the idea.

Anonymous said...

What's not to love about you? I wish I was in your viewing area. The meteorologist at my local Fox affiliate is very dry and boring. I think it's sad that that is what most people think professionalism is supposed to look like. You proved that you can be professional, poised, and bring entertainment. You rock!