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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Night - Wednesday

As of 1 PM, Bradley Airport has measured 5.3” of snow, bringing the seasonal snowfall total to 76.5”. That makes this winter the 9th snowiest on record in Windsor Locks beating the winter of 1955-56 with 76.1” of accumulation. We only need 8.4” of additional snow this winter to become the 2nd snowiest year on record.

Round one of the storm is over. Snow and sleet totals range from 4”-7” for northern Connecticut with 2”-4” in the southern half of the state where more sleet mixed in. Now there is a lull in the action with some freezing drizzle. Even though it looks quiet outside, freezing drizzle can coat up untreated roads making them slippery.

After 2 A.M, round two will start to move in with a wintry mix picking up in intensity. Although precipitation could briefly start as snow, we do not expect any additional snow accumulation for areas south of I-84. North of that line, there could be an additional coating to an inch or two. But most of what falls on Wednesday will be in the form of sleet or freezing rain. Sleet is rain that freezes before hitting the ground, forming ice pellets that bounce off your windshield. Freezing rain is rain that freezes on contact with the ground forming an icy glaze over roads, your car, trees and power lines. Most areas will start off as sleet on Wednesday with the shoreline and the southeastern Connecticut changing to plain rain as the temperature rises above freezing.

North of I-95 there will be a mix of sleet and freezing rain on Wednesday. Someone in the state could end up with a significant accumulation of ice causing power outages, downed trees and numerous accidents. An additional one in inch of sleet and freezing rain will fall, adding additional weight to roofs.

The heaviest precipitation will fall between 3 AM and 10 AM. The storm will wind down tomorrow afternoon with some lingering rain/snow/sleet before completely ending tomorrow night. But the impact after the storm will continue with flooding possible along the shore and buildings continuing to weaken/collapse under the weight of yet another storm.

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