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Monday, November 9, 2009

October Weather Summary/Stats

For my fellow weather geeks: Here are the monthly statistics for last month. Better late than never! In summary, there were no major extremes in temperature or precipitation.

Warmest Temperature: 77 on 10/22
Coolest Temperature: 29 on 10/20

Avg. Maximum Temperature: 59.9, 3.2 degrees BELOW normal

Avg. Minimum Temperature: 41.0, 0.4 degrees ABOVE normal

Avg. Temperature: 50.4, 1.5 BELOW normal

Precipitation: 4.86”, 0.92” ABOVE normal

Number of Days with Fair skies: 1
Number of Days with partly cloudy skies: 17
Number of Days cloudy: 13

Number of Days with a T-Storm: 1
Number of Days with Heavy Rain: 3
Number of Days with Rain: 8
Number of Days with Light Rain: 15
Number of Days with fog: 14
Number of Days with Haze: 2
Highest wind gust: 46 mph

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