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Monday, October 19, 2009

Close Call

I wake up this morning to the phone ringing. It's an unknown (860) number which means, it's work calling. Great. I would rather hear my fog-horn of an alarm clock then wake up to a work-related call. I thought for a second about ignoring it. Why are they interupting my sleep? But I answered anyway, trying to sound as awake as possible.


"Hi Rachel, it's Ken Margolfo." I have no idea why my assignment editor still feels the need to tell me his last name.

"What's up?" I asked, still trying to sound as awake as possible. My alarm was set for 8:30 AM but most "adults" wake up earlier than this...Or so I'm told.

"I'm just trying to find out when you're coming into work." Ken asked concerned.

"10:00 usual time," I replied. I was supposed to do the FOX61 Midday News for Joe Furey but an hour preparation would be more than enough time.

"Yeah, it's 10:20..." Ken probably heard my heart beating through the phone. I hung up, brushed my teeth, and threw on the nearest business suit. Reaching for my glasses, they snap in half...icing on the cake because guess what? I walked out with them anyway. (Please note: no mention of brushing my hair, because there was no time for that) Thankfully I did the weather the night before and there were no major changes to the forecast. I got in at 10:35 PM, did my makeup, set up the show and was live by 11. By the end of the midday news, I was only awake an hour. AWESOME. Better than coffee!

Here's the funniest part...even though I didn't shower and I probably smell. Even though my hair is crinkled and gross, even though I am wearing broken glasses... everyone ends up noticing (and laughing) at my socks before anything else. My wicked witch socks are a result of getting dressed in 3 minutes. Sorry.


Jeff said...

Hi Rachel, that is such a funny story, you couldn't tell during your forecast that you had only been up for an hour!! It was great as usual...

When is FOX61 moving to the Hartford Courant? Can you post updated pics of the construction progress? Aren't they suppose to be in this fall?

Robert Zinkerman said...

Wow you get very personal here. I saw your forcast last night and you said that their might be icy spots in the morning. Gee,too bad everyone did'nt listen to you.

Joseph Goslawski said...

ROFL! Rachel thanks! I needed that! Still laughing!:0)

andizee said...

i love when u give your viewers insight into your life...what a fun story 4 us...thx for sharing it!