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Monday, July 27, 2009

Eating At Le Cirque

It's restaurant week in New York City! This is the only time of the year you can step into a swanky NY restaurant without dropping $250 on lunch. I went to Le Cirque and it was le delicious! At first my Mom and I had some trouble getting seated...probably because we don't look rich enough. So I said "don't you know who I am? I'm Rachel Frank from FOX61 in Connecticut"! Then they apologized and found us a seat immediately after. (Kidding obviously)

I am trying to get my own show on the Food Network so I decided to tape my own review for my demo reel and here it is. Enjoy!

So I'm obviously kidding about trying to get a job on the Food Network. Can you imagine what the table next to us was thinking? They were giving me and my Mom dirty looks the whole time. Come on, have a sense of humor! I also find it funny that I am talking about a steak that's already been devoured by the time this was taped. I'm a pig and I'm proud of it!


Droucy said...

Cute! You should do the weather like that one day. So, I guess in this clip you were Rachel Flank. As in flank steak. Get it?

Jay said...

This is have me laughing. And what's with the fork and plate....they look humongous....must be a NYC thing. I love a girl that can proclaim "I'm a pig" and be proud. The name of your new show should be "Ravenous Rachel's Recipes".

andizee said...

rachel Flank i like it--kinda like the alter ego of nick mitchell...

Anonymous said...

I love your British accent and your blog was funny. Loved that teeny piece of steak. You are definitely in the right profession. " )

Dale said...

You just make the camera/ whatever light up. I think you should be the anchor. No one can hold a torch to you.

Rachel said...

Hey guys! Thanks so much for all the feedback!


Jay: Glad I got you laughing...Love the idea for a show name, RRR!

Anonymous: More accents to come...I have a bunch! Yeah maybe I should have taped my vlog before I ate all the steak. Oops!

Dale: You get the prize for being my #1 Fan! Can I have fans even though I am only pseudo-famous?